Right Now in Business on the Brink

Once upon a time, the Borders bookstore chain was the biggest story in the industry. But in 2011, the company would go out of business and that's all she wrote. We look at what happened.

Feeling Lost inside RadioShack

It began as a shop catering to hobbyists and grew into an enormous chain of electronics stores. But despite numerous efforts to stay relevant (including a ridiculed rebranding), RadioShack found itself on the brink of disaster.

The Brink Braves the Blizzard and Explores Wendy's

Dave Thomas took a small fortune he earned working with KFC restaurants to found his own hamburger chain, growing it to compete against the likes of McDonald's and Burger King. Ariel and Jonathan ask the immortal question, "Where's the beef?"

The Brink Plays Games With Sega

It was once a powerful video game company that many thought would challenge Nintendo for dominance. So what happened to Sega to make it fall so far?

The Brink Looks at Disney's Folly

After establishing an animation studio, Walt Disney faced a new challenge: how to stay relevant in a world where short-form animation was getting less profitable? His solution was to do something his contemporaries said would be impossible -- make the world's first feature-length animated film.

The Founding of the Mouse House

The Brink looks at how Walt Disney, through inspiration, determination and just plain stubbornness was able to found an animation studio despite numerous challenges. 

The Brink Calls an Uber

The ride hailing service was on the verge of heading to the scrap heap in the wake of some seriously questionable decisions and toxic corporate culture. This is the story of how things got so bad and how new corporate leadership is working on a major course correction.

The Brink Enjoys a Clearly Canadian Beverage

Between soda pop and sparkling water, there was Clearly Canadian, a collection of fruit-flavored drinks that created a new market. But it's one thing to invent a new category and another entirely to hold onto market share.

Can You Picture That? Kodak on the Brink.

Kodak was the leader in consumer photography for decades, but the rise of digital cameras would shake the company to its core. This is the story of how the company that invented digital cameras was almost destroyed by them.

How Marvel Survived Certain Doom

As the popularity of comic books waned, Marvel was in trouble. The company might have gone out of business entirely. But the efforts of some dedicated employees along with a big boost from Disney would change things forever.

The Brink Marvels at, uh, Marvel

Today, Marvel is known for breaking global box office records with blockbuster films. But this multibillion dollar company first got its start from much more humble beginnings. How did Marvel establish itself?

When Startups Go Wrong: The Origin of Theranos

In 2003, a Stanford drop-out named Elizabeth Holmes started a company with a grand vision of disrupting the clinical diagnostic industry. She sold the idea of democratized healthcare results to investors. Now she just had to make the tech work.

Nintendo Plays its Cards Right

What started out as a company that made playing cards grew into a global powerhouse in video games. But along the way, this same company made a lot of mistakes, from taxi services to "love hotels." This is Nintendo!

The Brink Books a Room at the Hilton

Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton hotels, took a lot of risks while building his empire. Despite numerous setbacks and challenges, he was able to forge a powerful company and establish hundreds of hotels across the world.

This is CBS! (On The Brink)

In the 1990s, CBS was on a roller coaster. The TV network went from first to worst, leading to a buyout and a big change in programming. How did CBS navigate the difficult transition and emerge as America's most watched network?

The Brink Places an Order at Starbucks

There's probably a location within an easy walk of where you are, but how did Starbucks become the omnipresent coffee shop? We look at the history of this famous chain.

The Brink Gets Preppy with J Crew

The clothing brand associated with preppy kids established itself early on in the 1980s but found itself floundering after focusing on more high-priced products. This is the story of how a brand nearly priced itself out of the market.

The Brink Toasts with Pabst Blue Ribbon

Did the Pabst Blue Ribbon beer really win a blue ribbon prize at the Chicago World's Fair? And how did this award-winning brew become associated with cheap beer? How did hipsters revive and then abandon PBR?

Millennials Killed the Brink

Those pesky Millennials are at it again. From mayo to diamonds, they're just killing off industries left and right. Where did that idea come from and is it valid?

Snacking on Rocky Mountain Chocolate

After a move to Durango, Colorado, Frank Crail had a tough decision ahead of him. Should he open up a chocolate factory, or a car wash? Lucky for chocaholics, he picked the sweeter route.