No Place for MySpace

Once it was the king of social media platforms but these days MySpace is nearly forgotten. How did the company go from being on top of the world to a punchline?

Xerox: Hoping to Copy Past Success

This venerable company, whose trademarked name became the generic term for photocopiers, has been through a lot. We look at how some recent major changes have reshaped Xerox.

Old Spice: Not Your Grandfather's Marketing

The Old Spice brand was in danger of forever being associated with the idea of smelling like your grandpa. So how did an innovative ad campaign turn things around? I'm on a horse!

Reservations About AirBnB

The hospitality industry hasn't exactly been hospitable toward the upstart AirBnB, which aims to disrupt the hotel industry. This is the story of how the business went from concept to worldwide phenomenon. 

Lego: Not Another Brick in the Wall (Street)

Before there were motion pictures, video games and countless licensed minifigs populating shelves across the world, there was a little toy company and a little wooden duck. We explore how Lego built a business brick by brick.

How to Win: Consulting the Oracle

Oracle was founded by three people but most of us only know about Larry Ellison. How did this college dropout become a billionaire while taking aim at the largest software company in the world?

Amazon: From Bookseller to Billionaire

When Jeff Bezos launched Amazon, one thing was certain: there was no way that business was going to make it. Now he's the richest man on Earth. How did that happen?

Delta Pulls Out of a Dive

From crop dusting to first class, we look at how a little company out of Macon, Georgia became one of the largest airlines in the world.

Miracle at Macy's

Macy's and Christmas go together like Santa and the end of the Thanksgiving Day Parade. But about 20 years ago, the company was in danger of falling apart. How did Macy's recover?

Wrapping Up Toys R Us

We don't want to grow up, but when Toys R Us declared bankruptcy we matured really quickly. How did this company synonymous with toy stores lose its way?